Kitchen Dreams
    ``I am here for a different purpose. Remodeling a temporary homesite which is an original homesteader's cabin.

    There is a smell in the kitchen we have difficulty finding. Gary Smart helps us take up the linoleum and we find a huge root cellar under the entire kitchen.

    Going to pick new linoleum and just cut it to fit so we have access to the basement.

    Looking at my Blazer and realizing I'll always choose differently than everyone else. (woke up saying, `wasn't that very smart.')" F/50: 7.16.96

The kitchen is the center of action in any home. This homesite is temporary but built on the old foundation. Smell is the most powerful trigger to memory. She finds the root cellar is the entire size of the kitchen. What a perfect match. Go down below, bring it up and cook it. No wonder she has a blazer.
    ``I am in my growing up home. Dad is making up a recipe in the kitchen and gets furious because he makes a mistake about a spice.

    My brother and I try to talk to him to no avail and I attempt to run the mixer and get the meat loaf out of it. The mixer turns into its raging self and tries to eat my hands.

    Scene switches to city street where mom wants me to stand next to a building while she takes my picture. I don't wish to as we have turned a wrong corner and I detect danger. She goes and stands in the middle of a trafficked street in order to take it anyway.

    Oblivious to her danger, she gets the picture and I'm relieved we are on our way." F/48: 5.18.94

Dad's in the kitchen, furious, and mom is in the traffic oblivious. The dreamer's hands are in danger. The furious self cooks us some spicy meat loaf.
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