Kitchen Dreams
    ``I went to my Aunt's old fashioned kitchen where two of my aunts were dressing out mens' heads. (I think they were my uncles.)

    One head was cleaned and was sitting on the edge of the counter. The other was in the hands of an Aunt who was working very hard to drill a hole through the ear and into the skull.

    She was using a paring knife and that caused juice to squirt out all over her recipes and everywhere.

    I felt sick." F/53: 1.18.89

What's cooking in your kitchen? This dreamer is watching the Aunts dress out their husbands heads. Trophies? A ritual? It makes the dreamer sick. Messy work this.
    ``M. appears. I say, `I want to be friends, you've been in my dreams.' She can't believe it. She approaches T. with a book to show him. `I'm not going to touch him,' she says. `I know, that's no longer a concern,' I reply. I walk on up to a signal.

    I'm in a kitchen the color is a dingy beige. It's dirty. I want to paint it. I like bright colors but they'd make the kitchen look small. I've always had blue kitchens.

    I'm looking for food to eat. T. and a couple of men are lunching. There's a pan on the stove is half melted and another with a small amount of soup. Maybe I can add to the soup that's already there.

    She walks in and tells me about painting some wall with three coats of gray. She is looking around at the dingy beige as she says it. Her tone indicates her feeling that gray is very artistic and in.

    (There are sheep the size of cats or smaller. The smallest runs off. The two larger ones chase it and V. it to a stop. It will now follow and be calm.

    Now I'm watching a movie. It's in the mid east. Now I'm part of it and ask the hero about Islam and it's treatment of women. The film ends and I'm no longer in it.)" F/45: 6.19.96

The dream says it's been dreaming about an adversary. And the dreamer is approaching a signal. She wants food to eat but the pans are melting, talk about heat, and she wonders if she can add to the soup. What color is her kitchen going to be? This silver dream has a post-script placed in parenthesis. It is like the dream is making an editorial comment.
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