A bull's rampage

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Posted by roo on June 05, 19100 at 21:03:26:

This is a most puzzling dream to me.
I had this dream last week and i have been thinking about it and still no conclusions as to what it has anything to do with anything. ok here it goes...
I am sitting on a fence on a farm. On one side are cattle and the other are horses. As i am sitting there a bull with big horns, huge, never seen such big horns before on a bull. he comes over to one of the cows and they start to mate. That is something normal (cows and bulls) but the cow has something else in mind and runs off. so the bull still in mid heat breaks the fence and starts to rape the horses and they are fighting and he is cutting them with his horns, the whole time i am trying to call for help but i am shouting so loud that you can't hear me. The bull spots a baby horse and i seems to know what the bull is thinking, that the baby horse won't fight back it will just stay there because it is helpless and this makes me panic even more becuaes the size of the bull would crush the baby. my mom comes out with the gun and is shooting it in the air in hopes of startling the bull who is on top of the baby horse. doesn't work and finally the bull leaves having killed the baby. I woke up crying. this dream has disturbed me for the last 4 days. what does the bull represent?why is he rapeing the horses? what is the deal with this dream? any ideas would be great.Thankx

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