Scary Dream

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Posted by L.R. on June 28, 1999 at 08:56:48:

last night i had a dream about a man and a woman who were married and lived on a huge estate. the two
began to argue and the woman went crazy on her husband and ran out of their mansion. the man and two
of his male friends, who were all wearing nice suits, ran after the woman. standing under a tree they began
yelling her name trying to find her. suddenly she jumps out of the tree they were standing under with a rope
around her neck and a knife in hand. she begins thrashing and cutting her husband's face and neck.
blood begins to pour out of his neck, she must have severed an artery. the man falls into my arms and i
am blood soaked. where i came from i do not know, but as suddenly as i was there i had disappeared and
was watching the scene again. the man would not die, the woman cut herself free from the rope she was
hanging herself by and ran away. the man told his two friends to chase after her while he went in the house to
clean up, telling his friends if he didn't come out in 10 minutes to return and check on him. it seemed like hours
and he never returned to his two friends, so they went to check on him. there he sat in his living room on
the sofa watching television his skin haning from his face and neck, but without any blood. suddenly he and his
wife are at a restaurant eating lunch together on a patio. the mans face is deeply scarred, but despite all
of his wife's craziness and trying to murder him, he stays with her.
if anyone has input on this morbid dream please let me know. i can't figure out why neither of them died,
especially the is all too strange!

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