``What has no shadow has no strength to live." --Ceslaw Milosz


The legislator called him Hades, not from the unseen (aeides) -- far otherwise, but from his knowledge (edenai) of all noble things.
--Plato, Cratylus

``The underworld and its imagery holds the deepest riddles and eventually becomes the prime concern of anyone engaged in soul-making."
--James Hillman, Dreams and the Underworld

I am no longer in the world. Theology is serious, hell is certainly down below, and heaven on high. Ecstasy, nightmare, and sleep in a nest of flames.
--Arthur Rimbaud, A season in hell and the drunken boat

``And what will make you know exactly what Hell-Fire is? It spares not any sinner, nor does it leave anything unburnt! Burning the skins! Over it are nineteen angels as guardians and keepers of Hell."
The Qur'an, Dr. Al-Hilali trans.

``He in eternal brightness doth exist,
Us unto darkness he hath brought, and here
Where day and night alternate, is your sphere."
--Goethe, The Tragedy of Faust, Goettingen Edition.

Underworld Dreams

Even as a great fish swims along the two banks of a river, first along the eastern bank and then the western bank, in the same way the spirit of man moves along beside his two dwellings: this waking world and the land of sleep and dreams.
"Supreme Teaching" in The Upanishads

``What keeps souls in the Underworld?"--Socrates
``What keeps the psyche asleep?"--Freud

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