Dreaming Snakes

Sure the snake is phallic but don't get lost in that simple explanation. It has more to tell you. It is a companion of women and a messenger between worlds.
   We are helping her move all her things, household items and clothes, are piled on top of the storm window.
   We can carry them by holding on to the window. The stairs are narrow and steep and it is very difficult to maneuver the window up them.
   We are in the apartment and a pet viper comes out from under the bathroom sink. It has two heads. I swat at it, but I miss. It blows its body up with air, like a balloon.
   Now there is a short rattlesnake, I smash it. F/51:10.11.87
The use of the term "we" is often used in dream narratives. Who is this "we" but the inner community's voice. And we are helping her move. Tough to maneuver the window, that which we see through. There is a two headed viper in an Iroquois story and it is in the dreamer's bathroom. Does smashing the short rattlesnake take care of things?
   (My Daddy had a stroke, is dying, breath, not life. Breathing, not living, no life, no death, a place between, no spirit yet soaring.)
   I dreamed of an airplane flat like a Manta Ray. It could dart up and down, or sideways, undulating as it flew. We flew down almost touching the ground under the power lines, no problem. It moved up, and between the lines without touching them.
   We are up in the air. I am outside beside the 'head of the plane'. It is a giant snake with fur. I am touching and petting it.
   They tell me it is poisonous, but I run my hand over its mouth, petting.
   I am so close to the poison but it won't hurt me. I know that.
   (I awaken at 6am is my father still here? 7am he is gone. Spirit soaring.) F/56:10.20.93
This dreamer knows something big is happening. The plane which soars without hitting the power lines is also a snake. She knows it will not hurt her. The snake connects the two worlds. Nothing to fear.
   I am with two or three men friends, the ditch behind the house is a creek and in one area a little pond. We're walking by and I notice that it is full of snakes, they have orange heads and white lips. The men say, ``oh no, they're copperheads, very poisonous, they'll attack if they hear us, let's go, hurry!"
   The snakes had heard our voices and are swimming towards us, then crossing the land, attacking, the men are scared which makes me scared also. We are near a barbed wire fence, the men crawl through it.
   I keep thinking how bizarre it is that there are poisonous snakes here, it isn't fitting with my understanding of my world. I'm following the men, they are telling me to hurry, there are snakes coming after us. It seems so not right that I stop and face the oncoming snakes.
   They pass right by me but don't attack. F/35:5.2.94
Do you see all that is being told us in this young woman's dream? The fear comes from the masculine, not her feminine intuition. Once she listens to her inner voice the snakes dart right by chasing the loud scared masculine through the barbed wire fence.

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