Dreaming to Destroy

To destroy completely, to tear asunder. If we can not imagine more than the literal meaning of life we are doomed to be destroyed.
   They were butchering deer. They had cut off all the hooves and were throwing them in a pile. I noticed one deer was not dead. It's head had been skinned but it was struggling to get up. I felt horrified and sick watching her. F/55:9.26.91
This gold dream shows us the slaughter of the innocent does not go unnoticed. What images are evoked in you when you read this universal theme?
   A teenagers building in which I have functioned is being demolished. Two of its three doors are gone. The third door is up a couple of stories and can only be reached with a cherry picker.
   Demolition people get the door down which is vaulted still. I wish to use it one more time to communicate with J.S.
   Two techniques are available. One similar to a radio and the other of a telephone.
   Both are missing. Communication through that door is no longer possible. F/46:7.13.93
This silver dream states the essence of destruction. The buildings in which our psyche lives are being demolished and there is no way to communicate through those doors anymore. And what about the cherry picker?
   I've seen the script so I know we are all going to die: there's quite a few of us, men and women. At times I am watching it like a film and at times I'm in it.
   We sleep on the beach in hammocks. I'm scared. I see that they (the bad guys) slip nooses around a few men's neck when they are sleeping so when they get up in the a.m. they will hang themselves.
   I watch a friend get up sleepily and begin walking towards me, he's sleepy, there is water, still water where the tide is in, and he trips and falls face down into the water with the noose tightening around his neck. F/33:5.15.93
This dream could be worked many ways. Which way do you want to go with it? She has seen the script and we are all going to die. Do we destroy ourselves when we move half-conscious through this world?
   Someone we know and love killed himself by slicing himself up as if a hunk of meat. He did it in two sessions. I could hardly stand dreaming about it, much less imagining the done deed. F/46:8.14.93
There is no mistake here. He is deliberately destroying himself in her dream. She can barely stand it. There is no fundamental change without destruction.

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