Boyish Dreaming

The dream boy carries the intensity and the spirit of life with him. He does not know any better. He is the life of the party. What happens when the festivities are over? What happens when the extreme situations are finished?
   I have a naked baby boy. His penis is shaped more like a man than a baby. I lift the boy up for my Mother to see him and she takes his entire genital area into her mouth. F/53:12.15.89
Two archetypal forces vie for dominance in the boy. Being devoured by the mother is one, can you guess the other?
   I had a very small monkey. I had no idea what to do with it. Everything seemed so urgent!
   I put the monkey and a couple slices of lunch meat into a plastic bag which I placed in the freezer.
   Later I felt guilty and went back and opened the freezer. The poor little monkey had frost on his whiskers and his hair and on his eye lashes.
   He ran into my arms for warmth and comfort. Then I really felt badly about putting him in there. F/58:8.13.94
What does a monkey have to do with the boy? The urgency of it all, you little monkey. Freeze that energy but how badly she feels. All he wants is warmth and comfort.
   The boy is on a tight rope above the rushing water. If he falls he will be in great danger.
   Now we are on the tight rope above the misty churning ocean. If we fall we will go to a depth of two miles. The trick would be to hold our breath long enough to get back up to the surface.
   The boy did it! He is now in the school hall and I tell him how proud I am that he made it all right. There are several rooms opening into the hall. I look into one and see Indian people. One man is in bed. I think he has a broken leg.
   There isn't room for me so I stand in the doorway. F/51:9.19.87
To what heights and depths does the boy take us, be we male or female? We tremble at his risk-taking. But he goes back to school and the Indian man has a broken leg. What is the feeling that comes with standing in the doorway, between places?
   We just came out of the garden of Eden. Not a feeling of being expelled. Wanderers. The Tipi Raising Tribe. Very poor, nomadic but with a sense of purpose.
   E. and I always got up first in the a.m. and took a shower. The only ones.
   Stephen setting up some sort of contraption for initiation of one of the boys.
   I am sent for bread and will catch up as we move on. The bread store likely doesn't have any and I have no money but I expect to find some. F/48: 7.27.95
When you leave the garden and start your journey there is sure to be an initiation. Will the boy survive? Or will he be transformed? The staff of life, bread, will be found for nourishment.
   I met a black man whom I liked. A witch? Doctor introduced us. We were involved in a struggle to first blood, nothing personal, just what we had to do.
   The doctor told me to cut the black man's leg, not easy as I only had a little paring knife. He was very powerful and as I tried to avoid his cuts, I slashed out and opened up the back of his right leg, from his ankle to his butt. It was very deep and opened him like a piece of fish, but no blood, we could just look into the muscle and the back of the knee.
   The fight was won and the doctor began to stitch him up with yarn and without a painkiller.
   As soon as the needle entered his leg, he began to sing "I can see clearly now that the pain is gone." M/28: 1.31.97
Remember the silver four part dream (theme, key characters, drama, and task.) This dream is from ecoboy@, a young man full of boy energy. It looks like his initiation is at hand. But where is the blood? The boy takes on challenges without thinking.

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