Rage Dreams
Socialized rules inhibit expression of this bittersweet assault.

This image comes from at the end of a larger dream text, forgotten:

The mid-fifties man with a crew cut who earlier in the dream was a key power figure was now riding on a bicycle. Not an Air Force captain but a stern and forceful character.

I never remember seeing myself in a dream but I was closely identified with the bus driver who was bent over the steering wheel of the bus I was on. He aimed the bus at the man on the bike. He was enraged, intentional, and drove the bus with abandon until he was able to crush the crewcut-man and bike against either another vehicle or a wall. M/48: 12.28.96

Who sees themselves in their dreams and what of those who don't? This dreamer awoke pissed off. Has been ever since. Do dreams give us permission to express what we otherwise can not permit? Or is there a dreamworld which refuses to play by upper world rules and really does not care much for what we think?
My ship is frozen in a sea of ice.

I had been traveling north on a highway which ended and became a gravel road and that had become narrow and rutted with large boulders blocking the path.

The buses were sitting on their bodies at the edge of the road. They had tires, but the tires didn't hold them up.

I got onto a ship, but then the sea froze and all my belongings froze to the deck. I can't move. I'm crying. F/52: 9.26.87

What does this four part silver dream have to do with rage? It is good to keep in mind the idea of polarity. Terribly Jungian and all but it applies here. You see, the sea of her life is frozen, the buses are on their sides, only ruts exist to travel upon and she can't move, crying. This is the opposite of rage. Notice the difference between the bus in the first dream and the bus in this dream. Let's see what happens later to her dreams.
My uncle invited us to join he and some of his friends on a ship, but when we arrive, the people are not friendly to us. My uncle had not been invited and had no business bringing guests!

I am feeling quite out of place. A woman is lying on the floor on some blankets. I tell her she is ugly and make some suggestions on how to improve herself, but she is hateful to me and doesn't want my advice.

I go downstairs and see that the hull of the ship is filling with sand and water, the ship is barely staying afloat! The waves outside are huge and causes the water inside to have large waves too.

I am on deck and must find someone to be my Don Juan (in a parade, at a party?). I choose a Mexican boy about 14 years old but have him stand beside me to be sure he is taller than I am before I tell him he can go with me. We go down the ship's steps (more like an iron ladder) but when he sees that the hull is filled with sand he becomes very frightened and claws his way back up the steps. He is dirty, wet, muddy. He is hysterical. F/52: 12.9.87

Now we're getting somewhere. Rage is surfacing, who does the uncle think he is anyway and that woman sure is ugly. Doesn't even listen to my advice.

The waves are crashing outside and inside the ship. She looks to find a suitable masculine companion, does he measure up. Nope, when you go down below decks you better have more than a boy by your side. He goes hysterical. Remember, the masculine can be just as hysterical as the feminine.

The same woman has the following dream about three weeks later followed by three other images in later dreams. We share this entire sequence of one woman's dreams to show how energy moves in the underworld.

There is a dead horse hanging from the ridge of my roof. I must cut the meat from the horse. I can get only very small pieces. The horse hasn't even been skinned. F/52: 12.29.87

I was invited to a dinner party and was horrified to find the main course to be ``Roast Woman" laying on a platter just like a roast pig. F/53: 1.88

I went into the basement where I found the body of a woman in an antique trunk. (A terrifying dream) F/53: 1/88

I was in a house-up stairs-the bear was walking around downstairs. He had a long snout and was dragging a large chain. F/53: 1.88

You will need your intuition to see the connection between these dreams. Go to where an image evokes you. Look at the words which are in bold print for a clue. If you make it all the way to Roast Woman without feeling rage then go to a doctor immediately.
Rage Muse