Re: Dreams about dying.

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Posted by kelly on August 29, 19100 at 00:51:46:

In Reply to: Dreams about dying. posted by Jenny on October 20, 1998 at 15:44:27:

: I keep having these dreams about dying repeatedly. The first dream revolved around being executed. I was being executed along with a bunch of other people. This wasn't my first execution, so i was telling everyone what it felt like. And then they shot me. The second dream was me looking back at how i died. To make a long story short, I kept going over how i died with different situations. They all involved a huge, massive structure falling out of the sky on top of me. This happened 3 times, all of which conjured up the same amount of dread and pain. The last dream involved people falling out of the sky and killing me.
: It's all so bizarre. There is nothing going on my life dealing with death. I cannot understand the connection. And if you are supposed to die after dreaming of dying, why am i still here?
: arrggg..

maybe the act of bieng executed is really
bieng taken for granted or taken advantage of
repeatedly by someone , or dealing with the
same situation over and over again and just
reflecting on the
different ways you felt hurt by the outcomes
and the dread is knowing you have to deal
with this situation yet again, knowing that in
one way or another you are going to feel
hurt again or used again, etc...
I just had a dream I was trying to shoot
my ex and this woman he was leaving with
but trying too 'not' to hurt them really,
and the gun misfired and i shot myself in
the side of the head instead. then not aware of
how serious it was, i was afraid to move
until my mother ran over and confirmed my
fear of it bieng serious, by shrieking etc,
so i began to feel myself fading away
until i lost conciounsness and woke up

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