the true face of the holocaust

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Posted by Tetsuo on July 02, 19100 at 17:12:10:

Theres something im wondering, why when people dream of apocalyptic dreams, do they never see the true reason of the holocaust, why do they only dream about clouds turning red and people dying and blood everywhere, isnt it intriguing that never you will see someone saying, i saw in my dream the human form of the holocaust, the antechrist, slaying thousand of people and destroying whole city just for this so called salvation man want so much, this will happen in a near future, but the antechrist wont be followed by the god we so much thrust in, why? simply because god is the antechrist, god never existed, but one day a god will rise, claiming this earth, people will think he is the antechrist and that the true god will come to save them, but in reality he will be the true god, created from evolution, and he will achieved what man wanted so much for, time for global redempion, the cleaning of all wich is rotten, they said it was coming, but they wont appreciate when theyll see the whole world burning apart, all torn down by a simple man, who decided to become god, because this power lies inside each one of us, we only have to discover it,and soon, very soon will come the day where all these dream of apocalypse will come true and beneath all these red skys, and river filled with blood, will be a man, achieving the greatest goal of all time, but then why nobody saw the face of this man, why is he still hidden, and why people think the holocaust will be a natural disaster. Man will always survive even the greatest natural disaster, but he will never destroy what HE created, and man will create god, either with science or with philosophy, but once this lethal weapon will be released no man will be strong enough to stop the anger of the planet, not even god himself(the christian one, who people still believe in)Until then, ill do my best to experiment the path that lead to this new race of superior being, because thats what gods are, superior humans. Anyway if anybody feel the needs to express something toward this point of view id be pleased to read your emails about holocaust and gods, just email me at by the way id like to receive mail from girls only since i have friends to talk about this stuff but no girls i know like this kind of chatting, so since im in a active search for a girlfriend id like only girl correspondance. Hope you like that introduction to what the end of the world will really look like(id like to dream about my end of the world and me being that god but unfortunately since i dont remember dreams it will probably never happen)

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