dreams are forbidden for me

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Posted by Tetsuo on July 02, 19100 at 16:46:01:

Man this sucks, im a dream lover, each time i remember one it make my day easier and lot more spiritual, unfortunatelly, i remember one of my dream about once a year. I tried lots of things to remember my dreams, i know i dream, i just cant remember them, i just always have that impression that it was fucking important, and the more philosophycal it was, the more i only have a vague picture of something intense. The last one i clearly remembered was that i was in a small restaurant, with a girl who always intrigued me but i only spoke to her once, and it was after my dream, before, i only saw her and was awe by her depressive beauty(shes so dark)so back to my dream, so then i look at her and without speaking, i hugged her in my arm and then closed my eyes, next thing i knew i was starting to levitate in the air, not flying, just bouncing upward, with her in my arms, she didnt seemed afraid, so we were floating until we reached the ceiling, then i thought fuck thats the end of the ride, and right after that i find myself in the sky with her still in my arms, that vision i will remember all my life, it was pure transcendance, unfortunnatelly after a brief period i was awaken by my brother making noise. Do you think it means were related of some sort or is it just my imagination who would want that kind of feeling, and also, why cant i rememeber my dreams am i different(no kidding, never rememeber before approximately a year)but i already have a theory about that phenomenon wich i wont explain because it would take too long, anyway thanks for caring

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