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Posted by Teri on June 17, 19100 at 15:16:12:

Last night, I had a fairly strange dream. Strange in two ways: One, I remembered it, which I haven't been doing lately; and, two, I've had it before.

In my dream, the main person wasn't really me, at least not at the start. I mean, I could see from that person's point of view, but I also watched everything at the same time. This made perfect sense during the dream.

The dream-person was, for whatever reason, researching this...thing that lived in a lake. They called it a whale, but it really wasn't, because it was more like a dog/jellyfish/frog combination. Mobile like a jellyfish but with strong legs like a frog. It looked like a dog. It wasn't even as big as a whale- only about the size of a van or two. It was that wet-rainbowy color you see when jellyfish are close to the surface in the sun, but this thing was very deep in the water. According to other information that my dream-person knew, it could physically not get to the surface. It wouldn't explode or anything like real fishes that live deep in the water, but there was supposedly a depth that it couldn't get past going up. No explanation on that detail.

So my little dream-person swam down, under the water, a couple feet above the floor of this lake. It wasn't salt water, just the regular stuff you'd find in a lake. The whole time, it seemed the same level, but the colors changed, finally ending up a murky brown-green. It felt like they were swimming on their back, underwater, but the floor colors could still be seen. Apparently, this looked like the film the dream-person had seen before they went off to find this creature.

The whole time, no oxygen tanks were needed. The person didn't even seem to be breathing, though I really didn't think to check. I guess that, even though they obviously lived on land, the water was just as fine.

In the murky area, this...thing...came into view. It looked almost like one of those dogs with stringy fur, only it was water-rainbow colored. And big. Strong and heavy also. My dream-person swam under this thing, still a few feet from the bottom. That position was never left, even when entering and exiting the water.

The dream-person took pictures of this creature, but without a camera. I just knew that pictures had been taken. Maybe some implant in the person's eyes or something. This creature was now playing in the water, much like a dolphin, but without leaving. It just stayed right there.

Then, my dream-person tried to leave. Every time they did, this huge creature landed on them, pushing off of them and rocketing through the water again. It would loop back down and press the person further into the murky bottom.

Now this person needed air. Badly. They were getting desperate, hitting and kicking at the beast when it came back to press them down. Eventually, oxygen-deprived and exhausted, the person managed to get away, still only a few feet from the bottom. The beast chased after, but its shape wasn't designed well for fast movements. The dream-person managed to get out first, coming on to a shore that was a forest. They ran through the trees, trying to get away from the creature that could now somehow get on land. Then, as the dream-person reached the steps of the building (with was kind of like those Greek structures, on top of a hill with columns and everything), the creature went back into the water, looking even more like a large, rainbowy colored, wet dog with strong back legs. The dream-person ran back to the building.

Then, my POV switched over to these people in a room, betting on something. All of them seemed pretty sure that whatever it was wouldn't work out. The dream-person apparently heard this, and, next I knew, they were back at the top of the steps, looking down into the water and the woods. Somehow, I could see this and the POV with the people betting still. The people betting ended up being in a room facing the water, and started screaming as they noticed things swarming out of it. The dream-person looked down and there were these little aquatic creatures. Water beetles and spiders, starfish, urchins, and various other things that shouldn't have existed in the lake that they were coming from. It was starting to look like the plague of sea creatures.

The dream-person ran into the woods (the woods kind of went up the hill that the steps were on), trying to get away. At this point, everything was blanked over in black and I started getting choices in grey-white colored text. The first one was something about which way to go because of a river that was filled with something dangerous. The next one was whether I wanted never-dimming light (the trees made it look like it was night) or flying power. I choose the light one, though I knew that flight would be more useful.

Then, the sea creature thing was chasing me (no longer the dream-person, this was now me) and I kept running, dodging around trees, hoping to slow it down or confuse it. I kept screaming for help because I remembered the people up at the building. Then, trying to yell louder because I thought they couldn't hear me, I ended up saying,

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