life over money

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Posted by roo on May 31, 19100 at 12:57:16:

i was at a casino and i was playing the slot machines and i kept winning so i said as long as i keep winning i will keep playing . so i won really big and the manager came over and unlocked it and gave me my pay and then asked me to leave with my winnings.The money was in a beige bag long and really heavy. there was a lot of money and i thought i will live nicely for the rest of my life. so i left. i walked out into the parking lot and they had been doing some remodeling so there were a lot of detour signs and dirt and everything. well my car was parked high at the top of the mountain and the bag was really heavy. it had just rained so as i was walking up the embankment i kept slipping there was some water down at the bottom of the embankment that if i knew i fell in it could be dangerous. so i grabbed a rope and that was helping me until i hit some really slippery mud and fell almost into the water and that was when i had to either let the money go into the water and hold on with both hands or fall into the water. so i sadly put the money into the water and watched it sink, then i climbed up tot the top and my car was right next to a gaurd dog who was growling. i picked up a stick and waved it at him and he ran but as he ran he turned into a bear and stared to come back at me so i got into my little car and took off. that was it. pretty interesting wasn't it.

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