Trapped in Safeway

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Posted by Dawn W on May 23, 19100 at 22:57:40:

Thank you for the good suggestion for doing dream art for my meditation dream. Just a few nights ago I had a dream that had such confusing symbolism. Anyway I was in the Safeway Grocer down the road from my house I was walking through the aisles crying my eyes out uncontrollably when a woman approached me from behind. The woman was naked except that she was covered in multi colored frosting from head to toe as if she designed the outfit herself in the bakery, she was also very large. She walked around the store with me as I cried and the only grocery item visible were large pieces of raw meat hanging from the ceiling. She took me to pharmacuticals where she worked and tried to cheer me up not with drugs but with her own antics. I asked her why she was wearing frosting, and she must have sensed sarcasm or something unkind in my voice because she began to cry and she calmly told me that she wears frosting and such colors to cheer people up in the gloomy atmosphere of the peculiar meat. Suddenly she was out of my dream and I was back to pacing in the aisles with tears streaming down my face, I seemed to be the only person in the store until I saw two stern looking women coming towards me dressed in nurse uniforms they grabbed my arms and asked me if I had spoken to anyone, I told them of the jesture looking woman and they told me not to listen to her. They started pulling me in a direction, I asked where they were taking me, and they told me they were taking me to the ninth level. I assumed we were going upstairs but then they started taking me down, down, down to the underground, it was very grey like steel without any shine. Once I got to the

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