Over My Limit

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Posted by J. Quintero on April 27, 19100 at 22:23:01:

I was in a store, like target or wal-mart, I was standing in line waiting to check out and I had my credit card sitting on top of the items I was waiting to purchase. Someone bumped into me from behind and I turned around quite annoyed. There was a gentleman standing behind me carrying a little girl. He had bumped into me trying to reach for something. He smiled and walked around to the end of the cashier station where most people go when they are finished checking out. I thought this was odd but decided to ignore him. When it was my turn to check out I handed the woman working at the cash register my credit card. She read the name and asked if this was me. I said yes and then realized that the person on the card was not me. I grabbed the card from her to make sure that I had heard her correctly and read the name. It was someone else. I got very angry and as I was trying to figure out what to do I saw the man that had bumped into me staring at me. I realized that he had switched cards when he had bumped into me. He was angry at me for going over my limit on my credit card. I yelled for the security guard. At that moment the girl vanished and he moved to my left and drew a gun. The security guard came out of nowhere and drew his gun. The man that had bumped into me had a smirk on his face and I realized that he intended to kill me. I ran behind the cashier station and stood next to the cashier but somewhat behind her. The man pointed his gun at her and shot her. Then he proceeded to try and shoot me. I grabbed the girl who was dead but still standing and hid behind her. She shielded me from the bullets and I dodged as many as I could. The man tried to shoot me from any angle he could, behind me, above me, and around the girl. I managed to stay away from the bullets while I was waiting for the real security guards to come and take him away. Suddenly the man stopped shooting and was taken into custody. The girl that I had used as a shield stood up and walked away. I layed on the ground completely exhausted and stricken. I had been injured but I would be okay. I went to the hospital. I passed by the perpetrator on my way out of the store and knew that he understood that I had won this battle. He would be locked away.

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