now here is a weird one

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Posted by roo on March 25, 19100 at 12:43:56:

OK here it goes...I am at my Boyfriends house(all though i cannot see his face) with his mom and two sisters. The house is very big and there are many levels to it.I go to the basement and it looks like a labratory in there. It is dark and creepy. there are things bubbling and steaming over. There are many rooms also. but all the doors are shut. so i walk over to the door and i open it. there is a girl tied to the bed and gagged. she is deformed and evil looking but there was laundry folded on the dresser right next to the door so i put the laundry away, the whole time she is writhing trying to get me and hurt me. When i am done putting th laundry away i shut the door and go to the next one, and the same thing. so i do it again. there are four doors that i go into and it is all the same thing girls tied to the bed deformed and evil wanting to hurt me. but i put their laundry away while they try and get me. so i go upstairs and hide behind the refrigerator until my boyfriend gets home.then i wake up. Please tell me what this is all about.thankx

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