Burning basement to Striped Birds

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Posted by kristin on March 24, 19100 at 18:16:53:

Dreamt this night before the equinox:
In the first segment, I see my long-time male friend driving a convertible.
Then, I am in a dorm-type building, in my room with my room-mate (who is a
girlfriend of mine in real life, and I think she represents my shadow
or negative mother in my dreams), when I notice that the dorm next to ours
is on fire. I can see flames starting in the basement. I say to my roommate,
should we call for help. She doesn't think so yet, and neither do I. But, then
looking out our window again, the flames are growing huge and leaping out the
basement windows and licking their way up the building. I ask her again about
calling for help, now she thinks we should. So we call the fire department.
Then, we go to the burning building to make sure everyone is safe. We go from
floor to floor asking if everyone is OK. On one floor we see a hugely obese woman
lying on a stretcher in the hallway. I know she is having trouble breathing from smoke
inhalation.Then we see a friend of mine's husband on his bike in the lobby and he has
riding it around the building to check on people too. I am feeling amazed that everyone
is safe and that the building residents seem so unconcerned about the fire.
Now, I am in a bookstore in a college building. I am agitated and keep going in and out
of the bookstore and up and down stairs, I think I am trying to avoid some man. Then, I
find a group of young men reading and writing poetry. I am irritated and disgusted with them.
They aren't of any help to me. Down through the bookstore again and I see my girlfriend, but I
don't stop to talk and pass by a table covered with female body shaped candles on it without
interest. Then the man I wanted to avoid sees me and begins following me, I run down the stairs
to my dorm room and go in and lock it behind me. I know he'll get in though because I only have
sliding chain kind of lock on the door. To my right I notice a hole in the floor where the toilet
should be, someone took it. Then the man knocks at the door and there is a woman and an older man with him. I let
them in.
The dorm room opens onto a huge beautiful terraced patio, there is a restaurant overlooking the
courtyard one-story up and there is a huge raised bowl-shaped pond on a pedestal in between the restaurant
level and the patio. The man and woman point to the pond to show me, I see a black dog jump down from it and
another gray dog sitting on its edge. Then, I notice what they are really pointing at, in the pond are two huge birds
like swans or geese, but they are the color of fuzzy yellow baby chicks and they have vertical red and black stripes on them
I have never seen anything so amazing and impressive. I think they're beautiful. But, then I notice that both
their beaks are in black muzzles and the leashes for these muzzles are being held by the beaks of the crows
who are off in the left side of the pond. I am devastated this is so sad.
Then, my husband is next to me and the man and the woman and we are looking at a mealy-mouthed, made up society
woman eating a fancy lunch with a man. I hear her talking and want to yell at her to shut up!
Then a small boy and girl are next to their table all dressed in white fancy clothes. Suddenly they both fall and
hit their heads on the ground. The older man takes the little boy in his arms and asks us, How do they handle it?
And my husband and I scoop up the little girl to comfort her.

Anyone's insights and comments are appreciated!

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