midnight run dream??

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Posted by roo on March 17, 19100 at 21:14:16:

I am in a field with lots of people. And it is almost like we are all playing hide and seek in the dark. There are big metal blocks that people are hiding behind and i am hiding behind one that is rectangular shape. There is a light that shines on the feild every few seconds, like a light tower that turns around. so the person that is 'it' has a chance to see people when the light comes, but only for a second then it is gone. I am hiding and this guy finds me. I don't know hwho he is but in my dream i do. He kisses me and tells me he is going to leave his wife and kids to be with me.Then he runs off. The light revolves around to see that his wife is right in front of me and she is going to hurt me badly. i try to run but it is so dark and there are so many people running around because they are playing hide and seek.I end up on a boat. we sail to an island and me and this other girl are wading up to the island when a man pops out of the water and he is trying to kill me so i grab hima nd hold him under the water until i know he is dead. I get to the island and a dog jumps out of a bush and bites me. That is where i wake up. Very interesting dream, can you explain this one? THANX

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