caverns and old women

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Posted by nathan on February 09, 19100 at 13:29:28:

over the past couple weeks, unusual dreams with reoccurring themes have filled my nights. the common
elements are caves and old women. i know the freudian perspective and although these dreams have
sexual, they are strange and i believe there is more to them.

the first was me as a middle aged (i'm 23 now) cowboy type with a band of bad ones after me. i had my
wits about me and i knew i could evade them. i was more worried about my wife(?) and hid her in a cave
under a rock shelf. a deep feeling of true love was felt when i saw her sleeping there.

the second. on the side of a mountain looking out over a wide, lush valley, i sat embaced with a woman
in her mid-60s watching as the sun moved across the sky symbolizing not the passing of a day but the
coming of the spring. we were sitting on a pile(?) of rocks that was our home (cave-like in many ways)
but it was covered in snow which we were waiting for to melt so we could live there once again.

the third. my two roomates and i were on a road trip and stopped at a strange old couple's house to eat.
we weren't very far into the trip. someone gave me a sheet of LSD covered with pictures of an old man
and i proceeded to take 3 or 4 as did one of my roomates. everything was weird, we ate and my roomate
was taking a bath after which the old woman of the house was going to give us all massages. it was get-
ting later and later and we were being delayed more and more but i went into the woman's bedroom and
had sex with her thinking it would be nice suprise for her. afterward she turned into a young vibrant woman
but I looked at the time and it was after 10pm and i felt like it was too late to continue on our journey. i
felt dissappointed by this and reluctantly decided to stay there for the night.

last night. a friend and i were walking along a dirt road on a plateau passing wilder animals the further we
went (dogs, cows,zebras,giraffes,ect.) all of which were quite friendly. then she led us to our right onto a
drive that led to a place were she was a nanny. there was a sign that said it belonged to a rather ridiculous
group of religious/spiritual institutions (eccentric christian group, a black methodist chior, edgar cayce's
crew and so on...all very positive). we appoached the edge of the plateau where a cliff dropped down to
a lake and there was a brick path/steps/hall/cave that my friend went right down but i felt very intimidated
as i saw that one slip would result in falling to my death and i was surprised because this was a place for
children. i went down and along a hall that got tighter and narrower until a door that i wasn't sure i could
even open for lack of room (and it is all grey bricks around me--no feeling of warmth what so ever). i went
through the door and saw thesun glistening off the lake and children playing all over--pretty much just a
fun playful land of beauty. i hung out there until i moved onto the next part of the dream where i was at a
spiritual center on the other shore (a real place that i have visited frequently throughout my life) where
people had become serious and a little arrogant except the head guy,bob who was very childish. it was
winter and i followed him onto the ice of the lake where everyone was collected and next thing i knew no
one was there. i figured out that they had all fallen through and i began pulling them each out locating
them by seeing their bubbles rising to the surface. i managed to save everyone except bob but it was all

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