Spiders and Cops (Long)

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Posted by Darel on January 27, 19100 at 07:57:07:

Ok, well I kind of have two different dreams to discuss. One is my mothers' and one is my own.
Not too long ago, my mother told us that she had a dream where she woke up and there were spiders crawling everywhere. Now at one time she said they were small black spiders, but then I think she said that they were Tarantulas'. She also said that one had come up onto her bed and touched her foot. I know all spiders(tarantulas) are a good omen of some sort. I would also like to bring to your attention, that yes my mother is terminally ill. Sadness and sickness are kind of routine in my house.

Next is a dream I had of my own. I had a dream that a bunch of friends and I were in someone's house. Now I know my ex-girlfriend (who for some reason, didn't look like her, but for some reason I knew it was her) was in the house. Other faces I can't remember. There were also 3 people. One extremely muscular cop, who seemed to grow in size when angry. Also there was two more figures one I think also a cop if not a security figure of some sort. The last figure was from what I remember was some sort of councelor. Now the point of why we were all in the house isn't clear to me. From what I can remember we were in there to talk about something. All I remember is that at some point, the larger cop and my ex got into a very big confrontation. For some reason during the confrontation, it seems as if the cop ran in the back and during this time, I remember my ex, beginning to fill her bookbag with items, one I remember was a Rubix Cube. When the cop came back he and my ex proceeded to yell at eachother, and eventually the confrontation got so bad that the cop pulled his gun on her, forcing her in the back. She still wouldn't budge, and eventually i found myself infront the the gun holding her and trying to ease the confrontation. I did, and the cop, her and I walked to the back where I took her into a room and left her and the screaming police person in the room together. Now this cop would not stop yelling and growing in size massizely until she was in the room. I remember leaving that room and seeing the two others sitting on a couch laughing. I then heard cries coming from the room where my ex was. I bursted into it to find the Cop getting out of bed partially clothed, and my ex in the corner crying histerically and also looking very scared and hurt(I knew right there that my ex had been raped by the cop). I then spotted the cops' gun and grabbed for it. But when I pullled the triger, a liquid shot out, and immediately, the three figures began to laugh. I then found myself right outside the room in the hallway, with the two figures, and the cop approaching me from the room. There was another girl how was watching everything, and looking concerned. The other two figures ran into another room, and I shouted to the other girl to call 911 and she ran off to do so. Right after that, the cop grabbed my arm, and was humming a tune. For some reason I knew I was going to be badly beaten, and out of sheer defense, I punched him in his belly and kneed him in his genitals. Right then the dream ended.

This dream was incredibly descriptive, and also left me with a hurting feeling when i awoke. I was lying in bed for just a few moments, before i decided to come on the internet in hopes of some sort of explanation of this. These two stories were in no way a joke.
Any information would be greatly appreciated,

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