The Bus Trip

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Posted by Downwrdspiral on January 26, 19100 at 03:51:21:

I had this dream the other night, about me and a bunch of friends on a bus trip to some water park. My friend Dianna was hanging around some guy, that I thought looked like he could be some sort of perv, or child molester. There was some ride that was in a building. Water ran down a long set of stairs. On the stairs were doors, laid flat so you could slide down them on a mat. You rode down the stairs to a flooded the floor below. I had some little girl on my shoulders. She looked about 5-6yrs old. I went down that ride, and as soon as I hit the water, I say Dianna (19) floating in the water face down. I knew she was dead fer some reason. There was a medical team, and cops surrounding her. I told them that I saw her with a creepy looking guy earlier. Then all of a sudden we're sitting at some tables in the parking lot of the water park. And just before I woke up, I remember that guy staring me down, as if telling me that I was next......

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