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Posted by Lauren on January 13, 19100 at 18:01:34:

In Reply to: meeting God posted by Tracey on December 25, 1998 at 21:21:56:

: I dreamed that I was in a middle of a storm,waiting for a cab with my boyfriend. The city was in a blackout. The cab never arrived,but over in the distance,we noticed an orangey-red light over the horizon of trees, we thought something was burning,but nothing was burning,then a pillar of fire jumped in front of us, flames swirling around upwardsand it spoke to us. By now my boyfriend was gone and my two friends appeared in his place. The voice said that we are going to get three and we are to be marked. I felt like jelly but behind the pillar I saw angels and I ran up to them saying that I love you Jesus and I hugged them. The pillar went away and we stared at the spot where he was, nothing was burned just an indent in the grass in the shape of a circle about 2 feet wide. We went back to our friends place,my boyfriend was there, we were trying to explain what happened. I believed and the other friend believed also,but not the third. He was very adament that it was a hoax. The next scene everyone died,The Earth was no more. I became a naked baby and I saw lots of other naked babies floating and flying in the universe. I was feeling scared and nervous about not knowing what was happening,my friend that believed with me ,spoke with me told me to hold onto her hand. There we were among other babiesholding onto their hands,like a long chain,floating towards a new world,that looked like the Earth but it wasn't. The dream ended when the new world was getting closer.
: I would really like to know what this means,I'm no Bible thumper. I believe in the possible existance of God. But I don't go to church.

Maybe dreams don't always have to have meanings. I had one a long time ago that I remember very distinctly. I was in a church filled with many people. We were all praying and worshiping. Then suddenly, everything went quiet. I stood up and led everyone outside. It was dusk, and it remained that way for three days. I gave everyone white candles to light. We all sat there quietly in meditation like we were dead. After the three days had ended, the sun rose in the sky, and started swirling and changing bright colors. It hit each one of us on the head. And we were all at peace. It was amazing.

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