ghost mudering over and over..

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Posted by John on October 15, 1999 at 14:52:15:

O.k. I have this dream about once a month..
It starts out with me and my wife, driving to a cabin...
a nice wooded area, open space around the cabin with woods
in the distance. ( notinhig to do with what happens, ecept it is very vivid)
We go to bed.. and then we hear a little girl, the door to our room is open
looking out to a living room, Hallway (this varies) first I see a young girl,
looks Like she is a ghost, dressed in old fashioned night clothes,
just standing there looking into the room, a man (very big man) comes up behind her
(also looks like a ghost) and hits her on the right shoulder with an axe, cutting off her right arm.
she then turns toward him screaming and he buries the axe in her chest. continuing to hit her.. blood is everywhere.

I wake up..(in reality) andn when I go back to sleep.. it picks up again from where I left off...2 maybe three times a night.

LAst night, My parents were in the dream, the same sceneario, except the dream added an additional room for them , and it also faced the hallway,
living room.. to view the carnage.

As it was happening, (the axing)
I ran to my parents room and my mother (who is deceased) her wheel chair sitting next to her bed
(she was handicapped in life) unable to run away from the horror, was sitting in bed screaming..
my father (who is alive)had fled the cabin.. and was outside freaking out..
leaving my mother in the bed to view this mess..she was holdig her face screaming..
covering her eyes. I woke up

This was very, very vivid.

I do not dream often, or I do not remember them.. I rarly remember dreams, but when I do.. they
are of vivid content.

anybody, wanna analyze this?

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