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Posted by jinx on September 26, 1999 at 03:49:28:

In Reply to: Portal to another world... posted by jinx on September 26, 1999 at 03:32:23:

A man is being trained by an older man in some esoteric discipline. While
touring the inside of some building, he is shown a large brass plaque with some
writing etched on it. Later, the older man tells the younger he will, at some
point, need to find a doorway (portal) to another world. Still later, the woman
(me) in the dream sees the same brass plaque somewhere else, and realizes the
first brass plaque is the entryway, and the second the exit to another world.

In between there is a murder scene the woman happens on. In an apartment
another woman has been murdered. It is quite a bloody scene. As the dream
progresses the woman (me) is in the apartment watching a video of the murder, as
if it were a movie. She has continual technological problems with both the TV
and the VCR. Sometimes, she is alone in the apartment, other times there are
other people (who seem to live there) with her. The seating arrangements change
around a lot. In the video, the actual murder is viewed as four or five men
standing around a woman who is lying down, I think on the floor. They all fire
guns at her, killing her. It is a remorseless thing, almost like a gangland

After watching the video, when the woman is alone in the apartment, she starts
exploring and finds an older part of the building where some construction is
going on. The rooms are large and cavernous with high ceilings. Cracks are
visible in the walls and ceilings, and plaster has fallen to the floor. It is
impossible to tell if repairs are being made, or whether demolition is under
way. A workman removes a beam supporting a portion of the ceiling. It looks
dangerous, but does not cave in.

The woman makes her way to the next level up. Here she finds another old lovely
apartment in some disrepair. It is immediately above the apartment where the
murder occurred. This is where she finds the second brass plaque. She realizes
that by using the gateway of the first brass plaque, one would exit here, but it
would be a different place from where she is now.

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