the dove

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Posted by arnott on August 15, 1999 at 18:22:04:

In a large room with lots of other slaves coming home from work. I sit near a friend and an evil ex sits
next to me. she grabs my crotch with her long nailed hands and taunts me as I try to take away her
hand. Finally I take up a golden dart and stab her hand with it until she lets go. I go to a small room
where my lover is and she is crying. I think she is crying because she saw this struggle and i feel guilty,
then I think to myself. Why am I feeling guilty? It's not my fault. she sobs that she saw the thing
that was written in my notebook. (I keep a dream notebook)
Now In a large room is a set of young couples. There is a witch who has people in bondage.
She has discovered the young girl who has somehow escaped or come into the group as
a spy, someone who has discovered her secret. The witch steps on the girls hands to capture
her and pulls out a set of handcuffs. She calls for another set because the girl escaped from
this set. The other girls wrap her in a woven lattice very tight to protect and comfort her for the
witch is going to execute her. I realize that it is TOO LATE for the witch and that her actions
are futile. I see a vision of a sunny sky turning into a starry night sky and across the night
sky a white dove flys towards me on it's long journey through the night.

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