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Posted by arnott on July 13, 1999 at 11:28:25:

In Reply to: Re: A Queen and a Sword posted by ttate on July 05, 1999 at 09:45:18:

: So much could be said about such a dream. It feels like a dream which wends its way through different dreamers through the different ages and found you recently.

: I am taken by Robert Moore's work on the King/Queen, Warrior, Lover, Magician. His book is thick and dense yet he speaks to such a dream image as you have had.

: The idea is that we all 'have to serve somebody'(thank-you Bob Dylan for that line) and the feminine serves the Queen as the man does the inner King.

: There is a light and shadow archetypal Queen alive in the collective unconscious. When you dream such a dream as yours and bring it back to consciousness you are revealing to yourself the image which you serve.

: You also glimpsed the warrior/knight who is in service to the Queen.

: When you become conscious of who you serve and align you attention to her then your life choices become easier.

: I would work this image a bit, see if you can fill it in, maybe draw it or find a way to express what it would mean to be in service to such a Queen.

: And mind her dark sister, she is around as well.

Having trouble figuring out where to write this.
This dream interests me a lot. It could be seen
from the perspective of the conflict now happenning
between the sexes. It was an edenlike existence.
Then the woman went crazy at the husband and his
cronies in their buisness suits. She tried to
hang herself AND she tried to cut the husband to
pieces. Murder Suicide. So he returns to his
castle to recouperate. But he doesn't give up
on the wife. He sends his cronies to look for her.
Later they are reunited. He has scars to show
for the trouble but he is happily eating. It's
not going to be eden for long. Sooner or later
the woman will go ballistic. It doesn't make any
sense. But it has to happen. She will harm her
self she will harm the husband. He will retreat
into himself to heal. And she will go screaming
across the pastures like a wild animal. But he
won't give up on her nor will he give up on them
being together. And then they are together again.
but it's not like the last time. Now he has scars
to show for the progress. I like the image of
them eating together. It is such a nice thing for
a man and woman to do. It is nice for the man to
take the woman out to dinner. This is to me, an
oddly happy dream. And funny.

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