wakeful dreaming..scary

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Posted by loopy on June 21, 1999 at 19:15:11:

i have always had some really vivid dreams but lately i've been 'dreaming' when i'm not really asleep.
Kinda like pre-sleep hallucinations or something. I'm trying to figure out how this happens and how i can stop it or control it.
It happens a few times a week.

Last night about5 or 10 minutes after i turned out the light..i was lying in bed and i could hear someone coming down the hall way
and they stopped just before getting to my door. I was wondering who it was since i didnt hear my roommates daughter come in yet.
Then i heard the steps going the other way. Then they turned around and came back down the hall way and somebody sat on the bed and
was talking to me but i couldnt understand..talking really fast and just holding me there..then i heard my roomates daughter and her friend come in
and i could see them turn the lights on and all that but i couldnt yell or get up....he was just holding me there and i was paralyzed. Then when
i could finally move and talk it was gone and only 28 minutes had passed since i put my book down and turned out the light to go to sleep.

That's just the most recent...another one was of someone being in my room and lying on top of me and i could actually 'feel' it.
Its very scary. If someone could please direct me to some links to research this i would be very grateful.

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