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Posted by CartoonMan on June 19, 1999 at 17:39:39:

My mind took a walk and I thought about people who live in tribes in remote jungles and other places. Since they have been fortunate enough to avoid industrial and information revolutions, what do they dream about? I mean, if they don't know what cars and electricity and all the man made crap look like then what do their dreams consist of?

I have read that if you dream you are driving a car, that means you are in control of your life, and if someone else is, then blah blah yadda yadda. Would the same apply if they dreamt of riding a camel's back? or if someone else was steering the camel? It seems most dreams are dependent on what we live and see and experience on a daily basis. Only rarely do I dream a dream consisting of only natural things or ideas or thoughts. There's always damn pieces of carbonizedatedplasticalcrap in my dreams. I cannot figure anything out anymore. And why do we only dream in the language we know how to speak? Do color-blind people dream in color? Do blind people dream visions? Do deaf people dream of sounds? Do dumb people dream?

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