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Posted by andralina on June 04, 1999 at 04:03:25:

I dreamed of the end of the world. I was leaving work (at night) and for some reason I was standing on the road. There was no wind, and the weather was warm. I looked up into the sky, which had turned pitch black. Suddenly, huge black and red clouds began rolling across the sky--the clouds were made of fire and smoke--they looked charred and bloody and HUGE! They rolled across the sky like some kind of special effect in amovie. Then these odd star-like shapes began whizzing around in the sky--in a crazy pattern that really had no pattern. But I could hear the whizzing sound--I went home. At home the rooms were dark, and the t.v. was on with a blue screen. My mother came "home". She had been away in Kansas(that part is real). She was getting ready for bed, but told me she was leaving Tuesday for Mississippi (In reality, we don't even know anyone in that state) because we would be safer there (I live in Cleveland)--and she wanted me to decide if I was coming with her or not. In the dream she could tell I didn't believe/understand what was happening outside. The sky still had that cloud rolling across it and those wierd whizzing stars were still at it. She held up a blanket for me to see, and said to me "this is real.this blood on this blanket is REAL. I am leaving on tuesday." The blanket had been stored on top of the car, and had spots of blood and body fluids/gooey pieces of ?flesh? that had stuck to it like bugs on the windshield. -----that is when I woke up (4a.m.) scared to death! --Couldn't sleep that night--I even looked outside at the sky!--I had this dream a week ago and am still disturbed by it. Any comments? I could not locate "end of the world" or amraggedon in any dream dicitonaries.

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