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Posted by CartoonMan on May 21, 1999 at 21:15:29:

OK. Believe it or not...I don't care. About seven years ago when I was a teenager I experienced some phreaky dreams, or exeriences. While slowly falling asleep I would not totally sleep. It is similar to the feeling I described in a previous post "Brain Snap". But when this happened I would hear a vaccuum noise. And feel it too. The first time it happened, after the suction was complete, I could SEE myself lying on the bed, sleeping. The image was fuzzy and wavy, but distinguishible. I had full mental awareness and could think and rationalize. The vaccuum noise returned and I awoke with a jump; my whole body flinched. This continued to happen, the sounds and the feeling that I was being pulled out of my neck (spiritually not physically), but I never saw myself again like I did the first time. I grew more afraid of this when it began, usually upon first falling asleep. I feared it and tried to stop it by moving my arms and legs, but while the vaccuum noise was on I couldn't move, it was like I was paralyzed. I figured that by moving my body I was still in control of myself, but that if my spirit wasn't in my physical body, it couldn't control it and therefore I would be paralyzed. Usually my whole body would jerk when it stopped. I felt as if something or someone were taking the life from me. These struggles eventually subsided after a year or so, and the only thing that now remains is my brain snaps. I have read about astral projection and all that other BS, and I still have not found a suitable answer or explanation as to what happened. I share this to maintain and service my soul, that the filter shall be free of all gunk. Thank you.
Kablam!! I feel like a Cartoon, Man.

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