Submarines and Pink mist

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Posted by Submariner on April 24, 1999 at 06:48:10:

last night I dreamt I was a spy, and snuck behind enemy lines to meet a woman and party. We had a great time and when it was time to go(before dawn) we headed out to cross the bay. As it was a time of war we first scouted out the bay to make sure we wouldn't get caught. One of the ships in the bay began firing upon another one and as it did so, there began a mass exodus of all the ships representing the other countries. There was a huge submarine(the size of an aircraft carrier) that began to submerge and head for the ocean. As it was going down and picking up speed it ran into something and bounced up onto the shore it richocheted around all the while gaining momentum until it ran into a large building and ripped open exploding the crew into a pink mist. We took cover and the wind from the explosion tore by us shaking everything. I remeber looking up into the trees and seeing a hand with six fingers.

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