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Posted by J on March 16, 1999 at 17:06:48:

Here's the first of the three dreams I have so far recorded, as promised. This one is from November 1994. It was the first time I had a dream I remembered so vividly from beginning to end that it occurred to me to write it down. Also, while many of my dreams seem strange and unrealistic, this one seemed at the time to be more twisted and demented than my usual. It is in first person, but unlike Along for the Ride, this time I am the girl, I think this is who I am, I don't realize that I'm dreaming. I even had a sense of deja vu. The setting does not not exist in the awke world, but I climbed that tree before in another dream as myself.
She is biking down the street. The truck is chasing her agian. She turns down a side street and pedals faster. "Daughter," says the female voice inside her head, "little daughter, where do you go now?"
"I go to see him, I must, for the little ones."
"Must you then," says the voice, "it must be more important than your family for you to leave us so suddenly."
"I go to see him Mother, and your not stopping me."
"We shall see about that," the voice says. The truck speeds up. The little girl turns into a laneway between two houses, turns onto a new street and heads in the direction she came from, stopping at the corner to watch the truck, which can't see her, turn into the laneway and disappear. Quickly she pedals down the street, past the laneway, across some train tracks and into the bush. She follows a winding little trail down into a valley and stops and gets off her bike in front of a huge tree cut off at the top. "Little girl, you mustn't," the voice of her mother returns, "What if you fall?"
"I must see Uncle Leo," the little girl says with finalty. She begins to climb, placing her feet into notches cut into the tree and using the ones above her for handholds. She knows one of the notches is slippery, but she does not know which one(I nearly fell in the dream where I climbed this, and she remembered). "Little daughter, please come back before you hurt youself!" the voice cries.
"No!" says the little girl, and she climbs higher. Now the notches end and there are pegs stuck in the tree. She climbs the pegs higher and higher until she is just below the flat top of the tree. "Little girl, have you come?" calls her Uncle Leo.
"It is me Uncle!" she cries, "I have come!"
She takes a bag from her knapsack and tries to swing it over the rim. She tries three times before getting the bag onto the ledge. Her Uncle, sitting cross-legged on the plateau and dressed in furs, takes the bag and removes a glove with hard objects in two of the fingers, and looks inside. He utters a sigh of satisfaction. Then, in jest, he asks "Where are your mother and father and brothers?"
"They aren't there because they are alive, and wish to stay that way, down there in the town," says the little girl.
"What about you?" asks her uncle, "Will you stay with us?" A little boy's head peeks out from behind her uncle.
"Yes, I will," says the little girl. She climbs onto the ledge and begins clearing away the snow on the ledge with her hands, first taking a pair of mittens from the little boy, who says, "I wear them for two days and then it's your turn, cousin."
(Fade into consciousness)
As always, comments and/or analysis welcome here or at j_thibeault@yahoo.com

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