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Posted by J on March 16, 1999 at 16:21:32:

OK, I looked in my writing folder for the other dream I was talking about and I found 2, so this on is the most recent of the 2. I wrote this down on Dec. 28, 1998.
It's a very sunny day in a desert town somewhere. A man wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and brown cowboy boots is standing in the street, possibly at an ice cream or hot dog stand. Further down the street, he sees a darkly dressed man run by towards the town square, and he is being chased by several police officers and townspeople. The jeans guy runs over to join the chase. As he reaches the edge of the town square, the darkly dressed man disappears behind a building and the mob goes after him. The jeans guy changes direction and runs along a street parallel to the course taken by the bad guy. He turns down a side street and then down the alley the bad guy was running through. The bad guy is in a little verandah underneath a fire escape pointing a gun at one of the townspeople and threatening. He is so preoccupied that he doesn't see jeans guy running up until jeans stumbles into the deck rail and thrusts an arm holding a gun into his face. Suprised, the bad guy jumps backwards and and half falls into a wall. Regaining his balance, he points his gun at jeans guy. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he said(or something).
"Just doing my job," jeans guy says.
"F@#% your job!" says the bad guy.
The jeans guy says, "Your job defines your character, it tells people what kind of person you are by the kind of work you do. And do you know what I do?"
"What?" says the bad guy.
"I shoot people like you."
The bad guy jumps right over the raing and knocks the jeans guy to the ground. They start fighting....
That's where I wake up. As before, any interpretations or comments welcome either here or at j_thibeault.com

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