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Posted by J on March 15, 1999 at 17:20:46:

I am new to the whole dream recording thing, so bear with me. I wasn't really lucid even when at times I thought I was dreaming. This isn't a first person dream about me, it's like I was there inside someone else. This is how I wrote it after I awoke...
There was a marina in a tropical, Latin American country. Two Latino brothers, whose names I am not aware of(I will call them Elder and Younger-both mid 20's) are clowning around on the dock. Younger falls into the water with a loud splash. Elder gets into the 15 foot aluminum boat tied to the dock, unties it, and tries to start it. As the bout drifts away from the dock, something grabs Elder's arm and pulls him into the water. He still has a grip on the side of the boat with his other arm, and pulls himself halfway out of the water. He looks like he is being perfectly bisected by the ocean. With a jerk, he is drawn back in. Again he comes up, this time with no grip on the boat and an angry look on his face. It was Younger the whole time! He swims back to the dock, gets out of the water, and goes into the marina, leaving Younger behind in the water. Inside, the office is cluttered. A fiftyish-looking Latino man (we will call him Uncle) is leaning on a countertop and talking to Steve, the American computer technician, who is seated at the computer(for some reason, I knew his name was Steve). "What are you guys doing?" asks Elder. "I just programmed the computer to start the boat automatically," says Steve, tapping a few keys on the keyboard in front of him. The sound of the outboard motor on the boat coming to life can be heard from outside. Uncle sighs,"Now I will have to go shut off the boat and I don't feel like doing it."
"No problem," says Steve. The motor changes pitch and the sound moves along the wall. "I can move the boat from here too." Through a set of patio doors in the corner, the boat glides into view. The phone rings. Uncle picks it up, listens, then sets it down. "There is a snorkeller missing and sharks reported in the area." Elder grabs his snorkelling gear, walks through the patio doors, and takes off in the boat. (at this point I should mention that during the marina scene I saw things 1st person from Elder's eyes, before I saw from the dock point-of-view and now I am hovering in the air above and a bit behind.)
Not far from the marina I see a snorkel and mask floating in the water, which I somehow know are Younger's, but Elder doesn't see them. Farther ou, Elder passesa mask and snorkel, and begins searching for sharks, but doesn't find any. He reaches a sandbar, stops the boat and gets out.(At this point I rejoin him in first person) Elder remembers 2 sets of snorkel&masks(perhaps when you're in someone's head, they know what you know?) He deduces that Younger got hit by the boat when Steve moved it. Suddenly, he realizes he is by himself, the boat is gone! Then looking back the way he came, he sees the sharks. There are a lot of them, just hovering near the bottom. "No way I'm going to swim back through all these sharks!" he thinks. He puts on his snorkel mask and fins, runs across the sand bar, jumps off the edge and starts hopping across the water(at the time, this seemed perfectly normal to me, I was just hoping he wouldn't get tired). Hopping along, he sees that the whole bottom of the ocean is infested with sharks. They are practically fin-to-fin, and the only place you can see botttom is between their bodies. Elder is incredibly scared and hoping that he'll make it home. He starts hopping higher and farther(until I finally began to marvel that we were hopping along like this.*semi-lucid now) Finally, he arrives at the marina, hops up and twists in the air to land on the dock facing the building, (I thought we were going to spill) runs inside, and tells everyone about the sharks. (while he is doing this, I wake up).
I dream a lot, but this only the second one that I remember so vividly from beginning to end that it occured to me to write it down. A lot of the time I have lucid dreams but I don't know how to do this on purpose. Anyone with any interpretations, thoughts, or comment can reply here or e-mail me at I would enjoy hearing from you. I am going to post another message here with the first dream I wrote down, after I find where I put it. It is also very wierd, but it isn't as long (stop applauding, you're embarrassing me!).

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