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Posted by cristi on March 06, 1999 at 00:17:28:

In Reply to: what does this! posted by nina on December 11, 1998 at 22:08:23:

: I don't remember all of it but from what i do remember .... i was in the jungle with Pierce Brosnan( you know the actor). And we were trying to cross this pit of some kind and we could only cross it by some kind of monkey bar set up. I remember the the pit was full of some kind of lava/acid/disgusting junk ( stuff i don't want to be immersed in). the surface of the sludge was really close to my feet and I'm pretty short. So I had to pull up my feet while monkey-barring over the pit. Then Pierce tells me that i'm really strong for a freshman. Then i was like yeah i am for a freshman... then i saw this tarantula crawling on one of the wooden bars. It was coming closer to my hands so i started freaking out...then the spider started falling towards my face....and i woke up.

: Then i went back to sleep and had another dream. I was in this room, like a studio of some kind, really big, no rooms, wooden floor. then i see this this silver beetle on the floor I kicked/stepped/flipped it over and it started flying. BUT it was flying upside down with its little feet in the air instead of it's wings (you know flapping or moving really fast). i was trying to kick it away, by lying on my back with my feet in the air. And out of the large room where this beetle could fly, it just kept on flying around me. when it got too closeto my face i woke up.

: so that's that...please help i feel like this is one of those dreams that mean something.

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