trent reznor

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Posted by monica on February 19, 1999 at 04:53:58:

Last night at exactly 4:20 am I woke up from this dream I had. I was with my two freinds Aaron and Carla
and we went to a cafe to eat. As we were about to go in and eat, a guy pulled up in this old beat up truck.
Aaron got out of our car and went to talk to him, they were freinds i guess. But I look over and this guy
looks just like trent reznor. ( let me tell you , i think trent is fascinating and have always wanted to meet
him) So Aaron gets back into the car and I say "that guy looks just like..." and Aaron interrupts and is
like " no he doesn't" So we all start into the cafe. As we walk, the guy says something about the city and
then I know that he is who I thought he was. I'm getting all excited and Aaron knows that I know but I know
he wants me to keep quiet about it. So the whole time we eat I'm just staring at him. Then there's this
music store attached to the cafe and we go in there and here i am looking for a NIN CD. We leave there
and we all drive away in Aarons car. When we come back Aaron rams into this car, sending it flying to the
other side of the parking lot, because he wants that certain parking spot. Aaron laughs, and we get out of
the car. Then this guy comes along and says "you guys think you can get away with that? I already called
the cops" And i hear sirens in the distance. Carla flips out and takes off, and Aaron goes with her, Leaving
me with Trent Reznor, And then I woke up. Does this mean that something I've been wanting for awhile
will become attainable? And what about the car and cop thing. Please help

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